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Student Table Tennis Activists Foundation

March 18th, 2018: Pong4Change 2nd Annual Invitational

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Why Play Ping Pong?

Table Tennis ...

Requires a combination of physical and mental endurance and agility

Is healthy for the body and the mind

Can be played indoors or outdoors

Is an internationally recognized Olympic sport

Fuses a fun sport with opportunities to form new relationships and create memories!

Who We Are

  • Student Table Tennis Activists Foundation (STTAF) is a multi-chapter high school organization that seeks to reduce the cultural and financial barriers keeping many away from playing competitive table tennis
  • Uses funds to offer free training and equipment for the econimically disadvantaged

Sign up for Pong4Change 2nd Annual Table Tennis Invitational

  • 03/18 from 8:00 to 12:30 
  • Semis/Finals 1-4 pm
  • Lucky Shoals Park
  • Singles Tournament
  • Prizes!
  • More information, sign-up, and flyer under "Events/Tournaments"


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Contact Us


Albert Zhang, President: 678-833-7111

Charley Sun, Vice-President: 678-664-4133

David Wang, Vice-President: 678-427-7956

Eric Xie, Director of Community Outreach/Coaching:

Greg Zhang, Vice-President:

Alejandro Lim, Marketing and Social Media Director: 404-538-5517

Michael Fu, Secretary

Eric Wang, Secretary


(678) 833-7111

Free Training Hours

Every Sunday from 1-3:30 pm

Lucky Shoals Park

4651 Britt Rd, Norcross, GA 30093